100+ Committee Members
2 Owners and 8 Partners
90+ Meetings Per Year
9 Specialty and 3 Management Committees
5+ Reviews Per Standard Per Revision
2 Publications Per Year (April and November)
280+ Standard Specifications (OPSS)
760+ Standard Drawings (OPSD)
All add up to enhancing billions of dollars of
capital infrastructure in Ontario per year.


Why Use Ontario Provincial Standards?

  • Consistent and cost effective for Owners and Contractors.
  • Easy to read and understand; Clear and concise.
  • Reduces contract preparation time.
  • Maximizes return on infrastructure investment.
  • Quality standards and products list.
  • Standards and product lists updated by practitioners and experts.

April 2019 OPS Publication has been completed

 Revision update packages for OPS Manuals, Volume 1 (Rev. #103), Volume 2 (Rev. #57), Volume 3 (Rev. #75), Volume 4 (Rev. #38), Volume 5 (Rev. #17), Volume 6 (Rev. #13), Volume 7 (Rev. #17) and Volume 8 (Rev. #14) are now ready. 

 The MTO Technical Publications Website has been updated with the current and archived standards, Indexes, Revision Information Sheets, Revision Update Packages and Complete Manuals by Volume which are all available free of charge by accessing the MTO Website by clicking on the link below, ‘Online Ontario Provincial Standards’.  

SPECIAL NOTE FOR USERS OF OPSS.PROV 127:  There were no changes to the OPSS.PROV127  Rental Rates for April 2019 publishing per the MTO Estimating Office.   Therefore the April 2018 version remains in effect.

 News and Activities

Please be advised that this website is currently under review by the Head OPS Administration and as such numerous documents have been removed and some will be replaced by more up to date versions or as with many others such as Policies and Procedures, completely eliminated.

We hope to have this new Ontario Provincial Standards website up and running by Summer/Fall 2019.  Thank you for your patience. 

Duane Myers , Head OPS Administration

A new "OPS Users Guide" document as attached replaces many of the removed documents, including the previous OPS Handout - Instructions documents etc. 

 OPS User Guide for Roads and Public Works - June 28 2016.pdf

 Ontario Provincial Standards Specialty Committee Coordinator Contacts.pdf