OPS Products Management Committee - Organization 

Under the direction of the OPS Advisory Board, the OPS Products Management Committee (PMC) is responsible for the management of the evaluation, classification, and recording of information as related to products, services, and technical solutions.
Products, services, and technical solutions include all materials, service providers, and technologies associated with the construction, maintenance, and operation of roads and public works infrastructures. Services also include related associations, evaluation centres, accredited laboratories, conformance certifiers, and standards developers.
The mandate of the PMC is to:
o         Review information for inclusion in The Road Authority (TRA) database.
o         Manage classification processes.
o         Monitor information quality.
o         Proactively identify the need for new and innovative products and processes.
The PMC is comprised of 15 members representing various private and public sector organizations. Membership includes three MEA representatives; five representatives from various MTO interest areas; two representatives from OGRA; three representatives from the private sector as determined by the PMC members and appointed by their respective industry associations; one ad hoc each from MEA and MTO; and the Committee coordinator (appointed by OGRA). Currently, one member each from CEO, ORBA, and OPWA represent the private sector. Membership on the PMC is subject to review by the OPS Advisory Board.
The PMC meets monthly or at the call of the PMC Chair.
OGRA appoints the PMC coordinator.